Daycare Enfants Fleur Soleil and Maison Des Petites Fleurs are government subsided daycares, locate in Saint-Hubert, southshore of Montreal.We offer infants, toddlers and preschoolers programs to children under 5 years old.

Daycare Enfants Fleur Soleil, Maison des Petites Fleurs has a remarkable 20 years of experience in early childhood education. Our noteworthy reputation is earned by our excessive determination at constantly improving and innovating the quality of our daycare.

At Enfants Fleur Soleil, Maison des Petites Fleurs, we prioritize several services to accompany the development and the needs of the children:

The security of the children is our number one priority.

We value an environment open to discussion. We are always available for communicating with the parents and we have several modes of communicating with the parents, either by emails, agendas, meetings, etc.

Our meals are prepared by high quality food, based on the recommendations of Canada's Food Guide , our suppliers include Costco, Provigo, IGA and etc…

Educational Program
We offer a complete educational program that meets the needs of the children, on a social, emotional and cognitive level. We believe the best way of learning is while having fun! Play is greatly guided by the educators so all children can enjoy themselves and stay stimulated.


Enfants Fleur Soleil

Add.: 5952 Chemin Chambly, St-Hubert, Q.C J3Y 6W9
Tel.: (450) 656-0308

Maison des petites fleurs

Add.: 5950 Chemin Chambly, St-Hubert, Q.C J3Y 6W9
Tel.: (450) 878-1123