We are proud of our outstanding children! With a close guidance from their educators, they keep surprising us with their ability to learn quickly and by surpassing our expectations.

Here are some extraordinary achievements from our children:

  • Marc; 4 years old: By the end of the year, he could count till 100 and was an expert at addition games!
  • Alexa; 4 years old: Alexa surpassed all of her peers at English class. By the end of the year, she was able to speak clearly both English and French!
  • Evan; 3 years old: Evan is so creative! He is able to use his imagination and draw a perfectly relatable family picture of his own.
  • Lily; 2 years old: At only 2 years old, Lily learned to repeat after her educator any phrase expressing actions or desires. She was able to formulate 3-word-sentences to share her desires.
  • Carine; 18 months: Carine learned to put on her shoes by herself, each shoe in the correct foot!
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