Nous sommes fiers d'avoir une équipe dynamique et compétente d'éducatrices pour assurer le bon développement de nos enfants! Elles sont certifiés pour le RCP, les premiers secours et la vérification du rapport de police.

Elles assurent la sécurité, l'apprentissage et la stimulation des enfants. Il est de leurs tâches quotidiennes de communiquer avec les parents sur le développement des enfants. Elles sont excellentes pour organiser des activités de plein air et des événements de tout genre!


I am a creative educator who likes to work the imagination of children in order to observe the magic in their eyes. For me, each child is unique and I adapt to their family lives as well as to their needs.


What I characterize the most as an educator is patience, dynamism, creativity and security. These values are very important to me. By nature I'm a loving person and I am still always listening to the children.


Being a Mom, I know at what which point the confidence as well as the communication as a parent is important. Each day that I exercises this profession, I am aware that each child is unique and that they learns at their own pace.


I am an educator who is very responsive to the needs of the children, I assured myself of their well-being and my priority is to support their autonomy. I love the look of each child when I am teaching them new things.


When I see the children smile, this makes my day and I have the feeling that all the work done is really worth it.


Listening, creativity and the opening of minds are the elements that form a whole and it is my way of being with the children. My goal is to enhance and promote their vitalityeach day.


Education is an act of love to give life. And why not ensure the development of a child by giving them the love.


What I look for mainly is that they learn and grow up while having fun. Develop their creativity, language, autonomy, and gross and fine motor skills, this is what motivates me.


In the garden of Eva, there is the pleasure, the love and the joy of living. Each of the flowers have a chance to discover, enjoy and see the whole garden.


I am passionate about the education of children and their well-being. I always provide the best of myself in order to help children thrive in a secure environment, fun, friendly and especially full of happiness.


I like to participate in the educational path of a child and see their personal development by offering to them a warm environment in which children feel safe and valued.


What I like the most is to teach children to thrive, grow and evolve in a fun and safe environment.


The childhood in which I am concerned is the happiness and freedom. Teach children to flourish while having fun in a pleasant environment.


Childhood is the age where the imagination is the most intense and the memory the more docile.


What I prefer in my work in daycare, is to see the children grow, learn and evolve throughout the year.


If the children of today are the adults of tomorrow then, my primary mission is to protect, cherish and teach at this early childhood. The act of teaching those smallchildren, takes all its importance and meaning in their first activities is the: GAME


Every child deserves a champion – an adult who will never give up on them who understands the power of connection and insists that they can become the best that they can possible be.


Since the beginning of my career, I have always been surrounded by children and the gift of love is the most important things in every aspects.


I am an educator who loves children, I am very warm, very attentive to their needs and open spirit. Very patient of nature, I become very attached to your small treasures.