Rich Educational Program

We value an educational program based on learning and pace, play and guidance. Activities focussing on stimulating all domains of children development are part of the daily routine. Stimulation is prioritized in order to assure a fun and supportive learning experience for the child! The educational program is divided into several components, such as:

  • Emotional and Social Development (Self-Esteem and Play with Peers);
  • Physical and Motor Development (Coordination of Small and Large Muscles);
  • Cognitive Development (Solve Problems);
  • Language Development (Communication).

    Here are key components of our educational program:

  • Academic Activities 
  • Group Chat and Songs
  • English Vocabulary
  • Do-It-Yourself Activities
  • Scientific Experiments/Cooking Activity
  • Outings
  • Daily Planning Educational Program Sample

    Academic Activity Sample

    Cooking Activity Sample

    English Vocabulary Sample

    DIY Sample


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